4 Things a Good Business and a Good Partner Have in Common

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

1. Beginnings are usually a bit awkward

Remember the first time you met your partner? The first date you ever had?

I bet there were a lot of awkward moments.

A little bit of clumsiness, inappropriate jokes/talks, being SO nervous.

The first time they met your parents and saw your embarrassing school pictures.

When their mother asked about your intentions and plans with them even before you two had this conversation.

All the awkward smiles getting to know each other and the other people in your lives.

And what about when you first f*cked up a big project?

Remember when you got your first client and had to ask them questions, that you now know are basic knowledge.

Or you didn't ask, but you made mistakes.

They read it, looked at it - and gave you the same awkward smile that you gave your future mother-in-law when she asked how come you are still single in your age.

Nervous beginnings, awkward moments.

But no matter what it is - love or business - it leads to something amazing (most of the time).

And also - if it's the one for you and you really want it, no situation is awkward enough for you to give up.

2. It might get tough mid way

There are always going to be arguments - and don't say there are not!

Some couples argue about cheating and some argue about the color of their bed sheets.

Some couples' biggest arguments are about what to eat for dinner or who should go buy toilet paper, but some couples struggle to agree on when to have children, how to save money or how to spend it.

After the honeymoon phase disappears, things might get a bit difficult.

Is there any honeymoon phase in business building?

Not sure about that, but there might be the phase, where you get a bit overly confident and lazy after all the sweat and tears you put in while building your business initially.

Finally your company runs like you wanted it to.

You have some stable clients that pay well.

Potential new clients send you e-mails from time to time offering cooperation.

You know exactly what to do, when to do it, how to do it.

But what if one of your biggest clients unexpectedly stops working with you? What if another one is late with their payments?

What if all of a sudden everything falls apart and nobody needs your services anymore?

In both cases - never get too comfortable.

Be prepared; don't get lazy.

Don't get too confident, because what you care about so much can fall apart suddenly.

But it won't if you try hard to keep it together.

3. They both need care, love and loads of time

A lot of marriages or partnerships break up over the lack of attention.

With time, married people get used to each other and probably don't require as much time and attention that they did in the very beginnings.

But they still do need it.

Life happens and priorities change, but every wife, every husband and every partner needs to feel that the other person cares about them. Always.

And they need to know they always come first.

No matter how long you have been together for, I'm sure you know that making time for each other and showing the other person love is essential.

This also has a lot to do with the crisis halfway through.

The comfort and a bit of laziness that can happen when things start to workout pretty well with your business usually predict something bad.

It's nice to take a little break.

It's important to work less from time to time and let the business take care of itself.

But your company needs love.

It needs your time.

It needs you to show it that you care.

Your staff can't forget you are there for them.

You might want to be on a constant lookout for opportunities, courses, seminars and new clients for your freelance business or your company.

Sometimes it's easy to forget why you started your business or dated this person in the first place.

But if it's your passion, if they're the love of your life and if they and what you do satisfy you, you'll get back there without any reminders.

4. If you stick to them, it's gonna be the best thing that's ever happen to you

The cheesy advice to follow your dreams and passions might make sense along the way - but it will mostly after some time.

If you decide to do something and stick to it, you'll win eventually.

If you're putting your heart and soul into your business, if you're trying your best and are not stopping, there's no way it wouldn't pay off.

The success, money, recognition, help to others - or whatever your goal and mission is - will come.

And it will feel like the best thing you never thought you could have.

When you fall in love, it already feels that way.

It might disappear when the road gets bumpy - but if you stick to your partner, that's when the reward comes.

Good relationship and good business give you both feelings of satisfaction, when they work out.

They fulfill you, make you happy.

There's nothing you can't do as long as you have them.

With your best friend and wife/husband in one person and business that is your passion, you own the world.

But don't forget - balance is the key.

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